Nichol Vagrosky

Meet The Author...

My name is Nichol Vagrosky and I am a single mom of two young men and a daughter. I currently reside in Oklahoma City and own and operate a creative design firm along with a few other small businesses. I have been a designer and business developer for twenty-three years. 

My passion is to mentor to women, men, and children who have experienced abandonment, abuse, and hopelessness. I believe that God has been the true author in my life and I continue to strive to be the light amongst the dark in this world. 

I am a graphic designer, a web developer, a marketing director and writer by trade. I give all of the glory to God for the inclusive gifts He has given me to serve people.

I pray my story helps YOU along your journey! Know that you are a WARRIOR, a FIGHTER, and a RUBBERBAND GIRL (or GUY)!

As a little girl...