A Rubberband Girl...

What is a Rubberband Girl? I am certain you know one, if you are not one yourself. A Rubberband Girl is a woman who has been bound up and perhaps tormented by shame, abuse, manipulation, and lies from the enemy.

She’s looked in the mirror and couldn’t love what she saw. She wars against herself often because she feels like she’s not good enough to deserve anything good.

She’s been pulled back and forth with disfunction, only to keep returning because it’s somewhat comfortable and it’s all she knows.

I wanted to change that. I wanted to be healthy, loved and I wanted to minister to other women and children who have been abandoned, abused and have lost their self-worth somewhere along the line.

It took 8 long years for me to finish Rubberband Girl. God put it on my heart in 2008 and the journey began for me to share many stories about my life with a mission to help others have hope.

I wanted to share my faith because, without it, I wouldn’t be here today.

This body wouldn’t have been transformed and my light would have been snuffed out. It almost was.

I pray that God gives you the heart to feel, the eyes to see and the ears to hear and understand that we can do nothing apart from God.

Please enjoy this journey of a little girl who was once considered hopeless, abused and abandoned with no value and how God transformed her into a successful, faithful woman who triumphs over tragedy.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you've been in an abusive relationship or had an abusive childhood... If you've been sexually abused, mentally and physically abused... If you've survived an illness... If you've been abandoned, hurt, and felt hopeless, this book really is for you. We'd love to hear your story.